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  • Zippy Bag- March 9
  • Zippy Bag- March 9

Zippy Bag- March 9


Zippy Bag

Instructor: Yvonne Sampson

March 9th 9-5pm


Sewing Essentials: Create Your Own Zippered Pouch Class


Unlock the art of sewing with our "Zippy Bag" class, where we'll guide you through the process of crafting a stylish and functional accessory. Learn the fundamentals of working with a PDF pattern, understand the importance of fabric measurements, and master the use of essential sewing notions.


Class Materials:
- PDF Pattern: Dive into the world of patterns as we explore the convenience and versatility of PDF patterns.
- Exterior Fabric (3/8 yd):Choose from a selection of fabrics to personalize the exterior of your zippered pouch.
- Lining (1/2 yd): Discover the interplay of colors and textures as you select the perfect lining for your creation.
- SF101 (3/4 yd): Gain hands-on experience using interfacing to enhance the structure and durability of your pouch.
- Zippers (4, 12" or longer): Learn the art of zipper installation to add functionality and style to your design.
Helpful Notions:
- Zipper Foot: Navigate zipper installation with ease using the appropriate foot for your sewing machine.
- Pins or Clips (Provided): Secure fabrics effortlessly with either traditional pins or modern clips.
- Chalk or Removable Marking Pen: Mark and measure with precision, ensuring accuracy in your project.
- Basting Tape or Glue: Explore techniques for temporary fabric bonding, facilitating seamless sewing.


What We Provide:
- Required Hardware: We supply the essential hardware to bring your zippered pouch to life.


Join us for an engaging and informative class where you'll not only create a practical accessory but also gain valuable skills in pattern usage, fabric selection, and sewing techniques. Unleash your creativity and take home a personalized zippered pouch crafted by you!

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