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  • Coloured Pencil Sampler

Coloured Pencil Sampler


Coloured Pencil Sampler taught by Renee Carrier

September 21, 6:00pm-9:00pm



Do you want to get more out of your coloured pencils?  You can do so much with them! 


During the Coloured Pencil Sampler Evening, you will create a little coloured pencil masterpiece and learn many processes to take your colouring to the next level.  In this 2 - 3 hour sampler, you will explore ways to lay down, blend and even lift coloured pencils. 

You will learn about the surfaces and the processes that change coloured pencil work from colouring to painting. 

This sampler is perfect for anyone who wants to explore coloured pencils beyond just colouring.

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