Jack Bosgra - Midday Siesta - Mule Deer photo taken in December

Camera Club

All SCAC Club fees are paid directly to the clubs.
An annual SCAC Membership is required to participate in any Club.


The Turner Valley Oilfields Camera Club offers photographers from our area an opportunity to meet and share experiences and skills and to learn together. Our Members bring a range of skill levels and interests from beginners to more advanced.

Visit our website, https://www.tvocc.org,
to learn more about our club and how to join.


The meeting takes place on the last Tuesday of each month,
from September through April (excluding December),
with a year-end competition and banquet in May.


(Due to COVID, some meetings may be held via Zoom)

The annual membership is $50 which includes the $30 Club Fee and the $20 SCAC Membership fee. Note that the $20 SCAC Membership portion is waived if paid online through this website.   Fees can be paid directly to the club.


Please contact contact info@tvocc.org

to register in the club or for more information.

Jack Bosgra - Signs of spring - The bluebird won first in the mini-competition we had in M