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The Turner Valley Oilfields Camera Club offers photographers from our area an opportunity to meet and share experiences and skills and to learn together. Our Members bring a range of skill levels and interests from beginners to more advanced.

The meetings take place on the last Tuesday of each month, from September through April (excluding December) at 7 pm

We hold a year-end competition and banquet in May.

The annual membership is $50 which includes the $30 Club Fee and the $20 SCAC Membership fee. Note that the $20 SCAC Membership portion is waived if paid online through this website.   


Fees can be paid directly to the club.

Camera Club

Diamond Valley Quilt Club

All SCAC Club fees are paid directly to the clubs.
An annual SCAC Membership is required to participate in any Club.


The Diamond Valley Quilt Club works on charity projects as well as our own projects. We make a "Block of the Month" or sew the finished blocks into a charity quilt
(this is a great way to learn blocks and to quilt as you go).

The meeting takes place Wednesdays from
September - June

10am - 3pm

Annual club fee is $20 plus the $20 SCAC Membership Fee.
There is also a Drop-in Fee of $2 for non - Quilt Club members


Please contact Sheila (403-931-3989)

to register in the club or for more information.

Diamond Valley Quilt Club

Discover the world of digital art in our dynamic Digital Art Class. Suitable for all skill levels, this class covers essential techniques, software proficiency, and diverse projects. Join a supportive community, receive personalized guidance, and unleash your creativity on the digital canvas. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned artist, dive into the boundless possibilities of digital artistry with us!

Diamond Valley Knitting Club

Digital Art Club

Diamond Valley Knitting Club

Digital Art Club

Diamond Valley Quilt Club


What to Expect:

1.  Bring your current knitting project or start a new one with the guidance of fellow enthusiasts. Our sessions are filled with the soothing rhythm of needles and the joy of shared stories.

2. Experienced knitters in the club are always ready to lend a helping hand to beginners. Learn new techniques, get tips on tricky stitches, and watch your skills grow with the support of our friendly community.

3. Show and Tell: Share your latest completed projects or find inspiration from others. We love to celebrate each other's creativity and accomplishments!

4. Relaxed Atmosphere: Enjoy a laid-back and welcoming environment where you can unwind, connect with fellow knitters, and escape into the therapeutic world of yarn and needles.

5. Community Bonding: The SCAC Knitting Club is more than just a crafting group; it's a community. Forge new friendships, connect with like-minded individuals, and build lasting relationships as we create together.

The meeting takes place Thursdays

1pm - 3pm

Diamond Valley Knitting Club

Diamond Valley Knitting Club

  • Individual

    Every year
    Individual Membership- You will get to partake in classes, courses or clubs run through SCAC
    • September 2024-September 2025
  • Family

    Every year
    Family Membership- You'll get to partake in classes, courses or clubs run through SCAC
    • September 2024-September 2025
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